Visual Studio 2015 released, Azure MSDN credit increased and new pricing for VM instances

It’s been a busy couple of weeks since the last post.

First up, we were pleasantly surprised that Visual Studio Pro edition with MSDN now gives you $70 in monthly credits. At the same time, the pricing of VM’s was decreased. What this mean is that I can hopefully keep a small VM up and running for more than half the month without running out of credit.

Oh! And Visual Studio 2015 has been released! Aside from a few small issues, existing projects in VS 2013 should work just fine in VS 2015.

The only issues we encountered were related to installation and the Nuget package manager GUI. The latter issue was addressed in a hotfix, and has now been patched properly in an update. For information about the issue, follow this link:

A separate, much more serious issue was found in .NET 4.6, which can result in variables having incorrect values due to an optimization bug in the new .NET compiler (RyuJit). A detailed synopsis of the issue is documented here:

Overall, the release brings heaps of new features, better support for modern web development, and cross platform support, features I’ll be keen on trying out in the coming weeks.


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